Gabriel Follis is a passionate graphic designer, email advertising coordinator and retail website CMS manager who lives in Sterling Heights, Michigan.
More about Gabriel Follis:
I am a lead graphic designer, email advertising coordinator and retail website CMS manager with 17 years of experience, who is in pursuit of a new creative and challenging position. I currently hold a position at Binny's Beverage Depot coordinating advertising campaigns, editorial content and collateral across email, web and retail locations. I am currently seeking a new position that both uses and challenges my design, strategy and management abilities.
My experience with my current position at Binny's Beverage Depot focuses heavily on creativity and coordination of several ongoing advertising campaigns–supporting 45 retail locations–with respect to strict project deadlines, continually renewed originality, customer engagement, email contact list health and managing in-house and third-party branding requirements. Currently I manage a CMS web storefront supporting 30k+ products, editorial content, events and educational programs, third-party promotions and recipes. I also coordinate support for retail locations through targeted email campaigns sending 4.5-5 million messages per month to a contact list of over 2 million customers balancing content, subject lines and send times, to maintain list health and engagement. I have produced in-store advertising ranging from signage, POS customer loyalty and pin pad/register branding to baggage and gift cards. Several responsibilities I manage on a regular basis include providing artistic direction on private label merchandise, reviewing and approving designs developed by other designers and working with outside organizations, local sports teams and celebrities on cross-promotional advertising campaign support.
I take pride in my work, which I hope is evident. Design, strategy and managing workflow is a passion for me, much more than anything else. Each project is equally important to me, and I feel that each one is a direct reflection of myself and of my abilities. I strive to excel at each and every challenge. Most meaningful to me is seeing a project through and optimizing its chance for success. And additionally, that my colleagues and I have fun along the way.

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