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       The latest installment of Farmer Fridays is here with a great collection of humorous links and videos along with interesting articles and recipes to kick off your weekend. So go grab yourself a cold one (or coffee) and kick back and enjoy the world of ALL THINGS SPICY! Feel free to submit (link) your own links, photos and videos for future Farmer Fridays...

The World's HOTTEST Pepper?        Popular Science Magazine takes a look at the world of hot peppers and tries to finally put an end to the debate as to which pepper reigns supreme. This debate is just starting to heat up however. A necessary read for any hot-head.
(link: popsci)


Defcon Sauces
       Whether you are looking for a interesting gift or just need to re-stock your own supply, DEFCON Sauces have something for everyone. From mild wing sauce to XXX; they even produce some scary looking Habanero Horseradish.
(link: defconsauces)


Grilled Jalapeno Poppers        Looking for the perfect grilled appetizer? These Bacon-wrapped Jalapeno Poppers will be a real crowd pleaser either at a backyard BBQ or the dinner table. Just three ingredients and 20 minutes; video included.
(link: foodnetwork)


Hot Sauce House
       Just when you though there was just about nothing you couldn't do with Sriracha, these 50 simple rooster sauce-based recipes prove you couldn't be more wrong. The book also includes a brief history on this universal chili sauce.
(link: amazon)


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Do You Believe in Magic?

For the past two weeks or so I have been fertilizing the crops. Chili plants gotta eat too. I have been using Sea Magic seaweed fertilizer. It claims to double the yields on your chili crops...
Farm Update
FARM UPDATE: 7.6.2011
The chili plants have really developed well this year, other than the slight hail damage to a few, but they'll be just fine. The store-bought chili plants I purchased and planted in early June...

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